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Assembly Instructions for the PocketLab Hot Rod

Submitted by Renata on Mon, 03/05/2018 - 23:05

Follow this link for a Google Slide Deck of the assembly instructions. 

For more information on the PocketLab HotRod, click here. 

Finished PocketLab Hot Rod

Slide bearing mounts into the slots in the car base

Slide ball bearings into the mount from the outside of the car


Slide O-rings over the outside of the wheels

Screw threaded axle rod into the wheel

Place washers on threaded axle as spacer and insert axle through the ball bearings


Place washer on outside of bearing and thread other wheel onto axle. Tighten to finger strength.



Snap bumper or other mounting accessories into the top platform of the base

Push the C-shaped part over the rear axle to create a rubber band car


Other notes

  • Do not overtighten the wheels when threading onto the axle rod!

  • The holes in the car base are designed for 5/16 inch bolts and screws

  • Lessons and activities for the PocketLab HotRod can be found on our community website at

Assembling a PocketLab HotRod