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Common Sense Education Rates PocketLab a "Top Pick for Learning"

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Submitted by PocketLab on Thu, 08/02/2018 - 17:02

Common Sense Education Gives PocketLab 5 Stars and Rates It a Top Pick For Learning

What the reviews say about PocketLab:

"Kids...can design investigations that matter to them." 

"VelocityLab provides a new way of learning about motion." 

"Sensors are durable and lightweight, so students can be creative." 

"VelocityLab is a great way to turn play into science."

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"Data about velocity and acceleration streams in real time, allowing kids to build a deeper understanding of motion." - Common Sense Education


About Common Sense Education's Ed Tech Learning Ratings and Reviews

From the Common Sense Education website: 

We are dedicated to offering independent, unbiased ratings.

Our team of experts and reviewers include leaders in edtech, scholars in child development and learning, instructional designers, K–12 subject-area experts, and school technology leaders. Our ratings are not influenced by developers or funders, and we never receive payments or other compensation for reviewing any tools. We're also committed to offering our reviews free to educators.

We have a rigorous review process.

Our editorial reviews are based on a research-backed rubric developed specifically to evaluate the learning potential of digital tools. Our rubric evaluates three key qualities essential to great digital learning experiences: engagement, pedagogy, and support, including (but not limited to) how engrossing the tool is to use, whether it promotes conceptual understanding and creativity, how it adapts to students' individual needs, and how well it supports knowledge transfer.


PocketLab is a Top Pick for Learning