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Did you ever wonder what happens to your packages during shipping?

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Submitted by DaveBakker on Tue, 05/23/2017 - 22:25

Have you ever wondered what happens to your package after you put it in the mail? Does the package ever get hot, cold, wet, turned upside down, dropped off the back of a truck, or bitten by a dog while waiting on your doorstep? 

The PocketLab Team has been brainstorming citizen science experiments that users around the world can investigate with us. Join us in the first ever citizen science project that examines the mysteries of what happens to your package when it goes into the mail!

How are we going to do this massive experiment? We will use two new sensors,  PocketLab Voyager and PocketLab Weather currently on sale on Kickstarter, to measure temperature, humidity, altitude, and orientation. PocketLab Voyager and Weather can autonomously record data for months using the on-board memory.

Second, we will conduct this experiment while shipping the PocketLab sensors to Kickstarter customers around the globe. Finally, we will set up a Citizen Science website, where PocketLab users can upload data once they receive their package. Data will be anonymous and participation is of course optional.

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