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New Year, New Post! Happy 2015 from the PocketLab

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Submitted by PocketLab on Mon, 12/29/2014 - 23:18

2015 is going to be a big year for the PocketLab. Our Kickstarter campaign goes live in just a couple of weeks, we’re starting our first manufacturing run, and transitioning the whole team into sales and marketing mode. Looking back, our entire 2014 was spent preparing for the next few months.  We built the team, prototyped early versions of the product, tested more than 100 units with early users, formed a corporation, filed our patents, and even took a few fitness breaks.  We’ve recruited a cadre of smart, helpful, and involved advisors to the team and we’re (almost) ready to launch.

Our hopes and dreams for 2015 are to give our customers a unique and valuable tool for exploration of the physical properties that are everywhere around us. We designed PocketLab to be very simple to use.  Push one button, and PocketLab will reward you with sophisticated data on acceleration, pressure, temperature, and magnetic field strength.  Until now, hobbyists seeking this kind of information needed several different tools, and had to put the data together themselves.  Not anymore.

We couldn’t have reached this pivotal moment without our beta testers and their invaluable feedback.   And now, the PocketLab is able to return the favor.   Chuck Williams, one of our first testers, recently told us, “We used data we gathered with an early PocketLab prototype to optimize the inertia of the throwing arm on our robotic entry into the annual FIRST robotics competition.”  Williams is an AP Physics teacher and the faculty advisor of the Cupertino, CA High School Robotics team.  FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an organization founded by celebrated innovator Dean Kamen, that wishes to offer youth an appreciation for the wonders of science and technology. The Cupertino High School’s Robotics Club has been competing since 2007, and will compete again this year in the state-wide CalGames 2015 sponsored by the Western Region Robotics Forum.

Feeling inspired?  You can join the PocketLab revolution by supporting our Kickstarter, telling your friends, and giving the techies in your life a PocketLab for President’s Day.  Pocket Lab makes a great gift for anyone who loves to tinker and is curious about the world around them.  Come explore with us!