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PocketLab Back to School Guide

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Submitted by PocketLab on Thu, 08/30/2018 - 01:17

School is in Session! Take Full Advantage of your PocketLabs.

Looking to do more hands-on science with PocketLab this year? Check out this guide to see how you can hit the ground running. 


Getting Started Sensor Cards

Every PocketLab comes with a set of Getting Started Sensor Cards explaining the different sensors in your PocketLab and how to use them. Be sure to check them out. They give helpful tips and quick activities to try. Below are a few Getting Sensor Videos that go along with the cards. You can find PDFs of the cards here. 




Lessons and Activities to Start the Year

Physics class often starts with a motion unit and physical science often begins with a structure and properties of matter unit. Here are a few activities from our Educators web page that will help you start the year with some hands-on science.  

A Cart on a Ramp: Modeling Linear Motion with Position and Velocity Graphs

PocketLab Voyager and PocketLab One: Use the rangefinder or the VelocityLab app to measure the position and velocity of a cart as you push it up and down a ramp. Simple, yet effective in teaching 1D motion.

A cart on a ramp

Boyle's Law: How are pressure and volume related? 

All PocketLabs: Seal the PocketLab in a syringe and flask or plastic bag. Change the volume with the syringe or by squeezing the bag. Observe the pressure graph as the volume changes.
Boyle's Law Experiment

Match the Graph: Can you make the perfect match? 

PocketLab Voyager: Using PocketLab’s rangefinder students match the graphs with the movement of a cart, their own body, their hand, or anything else they can come up with. Then have them make their own graphs to challenge each other. 

Match the Graph

Linear Motion and Constant Velocity: Using Ozobot or a Buggy with PocketLab Voyager  and Using Ozobot or a Buggy with PocketLab One

In both these lessons, a PocketLab is mounted on an Ozobot, programmed to move at a constant speed. Don’t have an Ozobot? Use a constant velocity buggy instead. In the PocketLab Voyager activity, the rangefinder is used for position and velocity. In the PocketLab One activity, evenly spaced magnets, along with the magnetometer are used to find speed. 



Getting Started with PocketLab