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PocketLab Manufacturing Update #4

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Submitted by PocketLab on Thu, 06/25/2015 - 23:26

Originally posted on Kickstarter:


After a couple weeks of long hours of coding and testing, we are moving ahead with manufacturing! We have ordered all of the PocketLab sensors to fulfill the Kickstarter orders, and we are waiting on parts to return from our manufacturing partners. If everything progress as expected, we will be fulfilling orders in mid-July. We will be sending out surveys soon to collect your shipping information, color choice, t-shirt size, or any option that was included with your reward tier. Kickstarter only allows us to send out one survey to all the backers, so we are making sure everything is in order before we send it out.

We greatly appreciate your messages of excitement and encouragement. We apologize for the delay, because the new hardware took extra time to test and verify functionality. The results are really cool though! For example, we changed the pressure sensor to a new component that enables much higher accuracy and faster data output. We encapsulated PocketLab in a Protective Sphere of Science (see picture) and then conducted some projectile motion experiments.

Red Ball and Sensor


Using the pressure sensor we can calculate the height of the ball. Then using the accelerometer, we can directly measure acceleration and also calculate speed. So after just 15 seconds of setup, you can conduct experiments to measure, position, speed, and acceleration vs. time (see the graphs below). We think the results really illustrate the derivative and integral relationships between position, speed, and acceleration. We can’t wait until everyone has the chance to try.

Projectile Height GraphProjectile Speed GraphProjectile Acceleration Graph


We will continue to update you with manufacturing progress and any other changes that occur. As always, please let us know any thoughts or questions you have.


Clifton and The PocketLab Team