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Unable to sync with ScratchX

Submitted by clairesav on Thu, 06/29/2017 - 22:58



I followed the ScratchX instructions have no issue syncing my pocketlab with the windows 10 app. But I am unable to get the data appearing in Scratch (event though the green light in ScratchX is showing)


Could you help please?






Hi Claire, everything looks like it should be working!

You've done the main things, the green light is on next to the extension blocks, so even Scratch says it is communicating. 

One thing you can try, if you hover over the black extension blocks in Scratch, it will also show the streaming values if everything is running.

I don't have a Windows device at home today, but I can test this out for you first thing Monday though when I'm in the office. Perhaps there is a Windows update or some other reason.

I will open a ticket for you and let you know what I find Monday morning and we can go from there. 

Good job on the install though, everything "looks" correct.

Problem solved thanks! Diasabling and re-enabling the chrome extension worked a treat. In the demo videos it looked like you were using Scratch 2.0 - can I get the extension into Scratch 2.0 instead of ScratchX, so that the kids in my CoderDojo can use their own accounts?


Hi Clair, sorry it only works with ScratchX - this is a "security feature" in Scratch to prevent malicious code from controlling your computer. Unfortunately it also prevents us from connecting and is why the install has extra steps!

Sounds like your having fun!! Send us some tweets of your projects and we'll retweet them. 




Thu, 06/29/2017 - 23:00


Apologies, I'm having trouble with Scratch again. As you can see from the screenshot the pocketlab is working and the green light is showing on ScratchX but the data values are streaming as 0. This had been working beautifully, but had stopped intermittently. Deleting and re-adding the chrome extension worked initially. But now I can get it streaming at all into Scratch. My daughter has a project she is doing using the pocketlab and scratch and she's keen to get it working.#






Thu, 06/29/2017 - 23:01

In reply to by clairesav

Hi Claire, 

I will have to test this tomorrow (tues) our office is closed today, and I don't have a Windows device at home. 

I'm sorry you're having stability problems! What I will try first thing tomorrow is to make sure the Windows 10 and Chrome updates are current, and like you mentioned re-install the Chrome plug in. And of course reboot the computer.

Have you updated the PocketLab Windows App recently? We have pushed a new version to the Windows store? The main change is that is simplifies Bluetooth connections.

I will give you a test report first thing tomorrow, thanks for being patient!


Apologies - it is working - my (very stupid error) - was measuring angular velocity on the pocket lab app setting  and then expecting it to appear in the GetAccel  scratch block.

No need to troubleshoot for that oversight!


A question - if she is using Angular Velocity on the Z axis to measure pirouette speed  - is this the Gyro Z block in scratch?

I'm glad it was something simple! Don't worry, reach out to us any time with questions.

If you have any info on the project your doing, we would love to post it for others to use, there are a lot of educators interested in using Scratch with PocketLab.