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Saving Data for Multiple Sensors

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Submitted by David Chandler on Thu, 06/29/2017 - 00:09

I had this conversation with one of you on the phone, but I think I need to see it in black and white.  If I take 2 or 3 kinds of data in parallel, I can't upload it to iCloud.  Supposedly there is some way to store it in some other service.  I haven't succeeded yet.  I am using an iPhone as my primary data gathering device (although I may use a Chromebook at times too).  What works for this?  (I was thinking of doing some model rocketry and store both acceleration and pressure altitude data, for instance.)


--David Chandler


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Thu, 06/29/2017 - 00:10

Hi David, 

Thanks for reaching out with your question. I did some investigating, and there does seem to be a bug when uploading .csv files, specifically to the iCloud drive. It seems to work fine with one file, but as soon as you record with multiple graphs, the share to iCloud icon doesn't pop-up when you are in the share data options. 

If you have google drive, I would recommend sharing to that. It should take the multiple .csv files all at once. In Chromebook, you can only share to google drive so that should work fine. 

The iCloud bug seems to be an issue with Apple, but we will work on fixing it. 

Let me know if you're able to do it with Google drive, or if you still have issues. 


Thanks so much,