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Windows 10 PocketLab & Scratch Install Video

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Submitted by PocketLab on Thu, 06/29/2017 - 01:02


If you are using Windows 10 to run PocketLab and want to use your PocketLab data to write Scratch programs, this video will take you through the install steps starting from a new PocketLab all the way to installing everything you need to connect to Scratch.

There is a good Scratch Getting Started Guide here that has all the steps andlinks you'll need.

If you want the a quick start version, watch the video and follow these steps:

1. You must have a Windows 10 PC

2. On your PC, get the PocketLab App from the Windows store - install & launch

3. On your PC, go to Settings->Devices->Bluetooth

4. On PocketLab press the pair button - the light should flash green/red

5. On your PC, a new bluetooth device should show up, click Pair

6. Wait a moment for it to connect, it will ask for a code, the code is 0000

7. On your PC, go to the PocketLab App window, there should be one more dialog giving permission to connect

PocketLab should connect now and stream data. The bluetooth setup only needs to be done ONCE. From now on, just open the PocketLab App on your PC and press the pairing button on the PocketLab.

Now for Scratch:

1. On your PC, in a browser, go here:

2. Download PocketLab for ScratchX.msi, and run the install script

3. Open a Chrome broswer, go to Extensions, then Get More Extensions

4. Search for PocketLab, and add the PocketLab for Scratch extension

5. In the Chrome browser, load this URL:

6. After a moment, you get warning dialog, and press continue

You are now in ScratchX! The PocketLab program blocks should be in your list. There is an indicator light next to PocketLab Extension in the middle of the screen, it should show green, meaning Scratch is talking to the PocketLab App.