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Lesson Plan Directory

Title Subject Grade Level
How does a Rangefinder Work - Physics of Probeware Physics, Engineering AP/College
Physical Pendulum: Finding Moment of Inertia Physics, Math High School, AP/College
Investigating Thermal Energy and Particle Motion Physics, Physical Science Middle School
Investigating Newton's First Law and Second Law of Motion Physical Science Middle School
How to teach NGSS MS-PS2-2: Newton's Second Law Physics, Physical Science Middle School, High School
Investigating Newton's Third Law with Crash Cushion Engineering Physics, Physical Science Middle School
Hysteresis with Rubber Bands Physics, Math, Maker High School, AP/College
How does a Pressure Sensor Work - Physics of Probeware Physics AP/College
How to teach NGSS MS-PS2-1: Newton's Third Law Physics Middle School
Egg Drop Experiment with Data Physics, Engineering, Physical Science Middle School
Rotational Motion: Moment of Inertia Physics High School, AP/College
Physics from a Croquet Mallet and Ball Physics, Maker High School
PocketLab Voyager: Newton's Law of Cooling Physics High School, AP/College
Fluid Pressure in a Fluid at Rest Physics High School, AP/College
Speed of Mini HotRod: Long Track Challenge Physics, Maker Middle School, High School
Rolling Resistance Lab: CloudLab/Mini HotRod Physics High School
Crash Cushioning Lab - NGSS Based Physics, Engineering High School
Terminal Velocity vs Area of a Falling Object Physics High School, AP/College
Energy Conservation with a Mini HotRod Physics High School, AP/College
Bumper Ball Physics Physics, Life Science High School, AP/College
Why do figure skaters spin so fast? Physics Elementary
"High Striker" with PocketLab & ScratchX Scratch, Physical Science Middle School, High School
Tactile Sensor as an ON/OFF ScratchX Switch Engineering, Scratch, Maker Middle School, High School
Theremin Synth Music with Voyager/ScratchX Physics, Scratch, Other Middle School
Theremin Music Simulation: Voyager/ScratchX Scratch, Other Elementary, Middle School, High School