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Lesson Plan Directory

Title Subject Grade Level
Heel Pressure: Running versus Walking Life Science Middle School, High School, AP/College
Hysteresis of a Tactile Sensor Physics High School, AP/College
Tactile Pressure in Gripping/Lifting Objects Life Science Middle School, High School
3D Printed Pendulum for Simple Harmonic Motion Physics, Physical Science High School, AP/College
PocketLab/Ozobot LIDAR Demonstration Physics, Physical Science, Maker, Earth Science Middle School
Relative Velocity Lab: PocketLab/Ozobot/LEGO Physics, Physical Science, Maker High School
Voyager Rides an RC Car for Summertime Fun Physics, Physical Science, Maker, Other Elementary, Middle School
PocketLab/Phyphox Damped Lissajous Figures Physics, Math, Maker High School, AP/College
PocketLab/Phyphox Tracer Lab Maker Middle School, High School
What causes the seasons? Physical Science, Earth Science, Life Science Elementary, Middle School
Science Lab: Helmholtz Coils Magnetic Field Physics, Maker High School, AP/College
The Magnetic Field Around a Long Current Carrying Wire Physics High School
Periodic Motion of a Pair of Physics Carts: Experiment and Theory Physics AP/College
Linear Motion - Match the Graph Activity Physics, Physical Science Middle School
Magnetic Field on a Current Loop's Axis Physics High School, AP/College
Modeling Position, Velocity vs. Time Physics, Physical Science Middle School
Isaac Newton and the 3rd Law of Motion Physics High School, AP/College
Magnetic Dipole Experiment: Inverse Cube Law Physics High School, AP/College
Physics, Science and Math Days Physics High School
How does an Accelerometer Work - Physics of Probeware Physics, Engineering AP/College
Two Voyagers Connected to a Single Device via Phyphox: A Conservation of Momentum Experiment Physics High School, AP/College
Two Voyagers Connected to a Single Device via Phyphox: An Experiment to Determine a Cart’s Wheel Radius Physics High School, AP/College
A Wireless Controller for a Scratch Game Scratch
Internet of Things at Stanford University Physics, Engineering AP/College
Programming with Sensors in Scratch Scratch