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Lesson Plan Directory

Title Subject Grade Level
Hysteresis with Rubber Bands Physics, Math, Maker High School, AP/College
How does a Pressure Sensor Work - Physics of Probeware Physics, Engineering AP/College
How to teach NGSS MS-PS2-1: Newton's Third Law Physics, Engineering Middle School
Egg Drop Experiment with Data Physics, Engineering, Physical Science Middle School
Rotational Motion: Moment of Inertia Physics High School, AP/College
Physics from a Croquet Mallet and Ball Physics, Maker High School
PocketLab Voyager: Newton's Law of Cooling Physics High School, AP/College
Fluid Pressure in a Fluid at Rest Physics High School, AP/College
Speed of Mini HotRod: Long Track Challenge Physics, Maker Middle School, High School
Rolling Resistance Lab: CloudLab/Mini HotRod Physics High School
Crash Cushioning Lab - NGSS Based Physics, Engineering High School
Terminal Velocity vs Area of a Falling Object Physics High School, AP/College
Energy Conservation with a Mini HotRod Physics High School, AP/College
Bumper Ball Physics Physics, Life Science High School, AP/College
Why do figure skaters spin so fast? Physics Elementary
"High Striker" with PocketLab & ScratchX Scratch, Physical Science Middle School, High School
Tactile Sensor as an ON/OFF ScratchX Switch Engineering, Scratch, Maker Middle School, High School
Theremin Synth Music with Voyager/ScratchX Physics, Scratch, Other Middle School
Theremin Music Simulation: Voyager/ScratchX Scratch, Other Elementary, Middle School, High School
Dynamometer for Hand Strength Life Science Middle School, High School
Heel Pressure: Running versus Walking Life Science Middle School, High School
Hysteresis of a Tactile Sensor Physics High School, AP/College
Tactile Pressure in Gripping/Lifting Objects Life Science Middle School, High School
3D Printed Pendulum for Simple Harmonic Motion Physics, Physical Science High School, AP/College
PocketLab/Ozobot LIDAR Demonstration Physics, Physical Science, Maker, Earth Science Middle School