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Hydrostatic Pressure Lab

Submitted by kwarnke on Fri, 10/06/2017 - 19:24

PocketLab sensors work very well for measuring air and fluid pressure.  To protect them, I have students seal them in a ziplock bag along with a paper towel (which absorbs any water that leaks in, keeping the sensor innards dry).

The attached lab worked very well to demonstrate the relationship between fluid column height and hydrostatic pressure.  The hardest aspect is modifying the 5 gallon jug by mounting a nozzle connector to its side.  It took dexterity, patience, and lots of silicon caulk.  

The nozzle (barbed) connector has a screw fitting on the inside of the jug.  McMaster Carr part numbers:

5372K112Plastic Barbed Tube Fitting for Air and Water Straight Adapter, for 1/4" Tube ID x 1/4 NPT Male, packs of 10   $4.60 per pack

4837K11   Standard-Wall Threaded Nylon Pipe Fitting for Water Bushing Adapter, 3/8 NPT Male x 1/4 NPT Female   2.09 each


Hydrostatic Pressure vs Fluid Column Height
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