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PocketLab Voyager Rides Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar

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Submitted by Rich on Mon, 01/08/2018 - 21:07

People of all ages have enjoyed playing with toy race cars for many decades.  Anki OVERDRIVE is currently one of the most popular and technologically advanced race car sets available in the marketplace.  Why not attach Voyager to an Anki supercar and give your students a fun way to study angular velocity?!  Each student group can design there own racetrack and obtain a Voyager snapshot of angular velocity vs. time as the supercar traverses the track.  They can also take a quick photo of the track.  The goal of each group after this is done is to match the photos of the tracks with the corresponding shapshot of angular velocity vs. time.  If you don't have access to Anki products, you can still give students practice in this angular velocity exercise by having your student groups match the six tracks and six graphs found in the accompanying file entitled "Matching Exercise".  The matching exercise requires some careful thinking about the physics of angular velocity.  See the attached combined data and video of a supercar on a figure 8 track.    

Anki OVERDRIVE and Voyager
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