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PocketLab Air Getting Started Guide

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Submitted by PocketLab on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 20:56

On this page, you'll find step-by-step instructions for using PocketLab Air as well as in-depth answers to many common PocketLab Air questions. If you have additional questions, feedback, or other comments, send us an email at [email protected] 

PocketLab Air Basics

Connecting your PocketLab Air to the PocketLab App

There are three types of PocketLab Apps to connect to your PocketLab Air. 

PocketLab iOS App - iPhone & iPad

Air Quality Matters!

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Submitted by Danny on Wed, 05/29/2019 - 16:52

Globally, seven million premature deaths each year result from air pollution (WHO, 2012). Recent air quality events such as the forest fires in Western North America and the extreme smog conditions in China emphasizes that air pollution is an important current issue for individuals globally. Your neighbour to the north, Canada, has recently had widespread forest fires throughout the west coast as well as serious air pollution events due to industry.

State of Global Air: A Report on Air Quality Parameters and their Health Effects

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Submitted by Danny on Tue, 05/28/2019 - 22:46

The State of Global Air report is an annually updated peer-reviewed document providing the most up to date information possible on global air quality and its health effects. The report includes a discussion of how air quality is measured, the health effects of the parameters, and analysis of the data in terms of health risk and sociodemographics. This article serves to provide an overview of their work and call attention to some of their interactive resources to view the data.

How to teach NGSS MS-PS1-4: Particle motion and states of matter

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Submitted by PocketLab on Mon, 02/11/2019 - 18:32

Using barometric pressure to teach about particle motion and states of matter

In a few simple experiments, temperature can be related to the the kinetic energy of particles inside a substance, or the the transfer of thermal energy from one object to another through kinetic energy in order to teach NGSS MS-PS1-4. In doing these experiments, students can gain an understanding of how particle motion is affected when thermal energy is added or removed. This can also be related to the changes of state of a substance as a solid, liquid, or gas.