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Next Gen PocketLab "Air"- carbon emissions and air pollution

Learn about the air you breath with PocketLab Air! 

Santa Cruz Beach

Be a citizen scientist. Investigate and map gas concentrations that affect carbon emissions and air quality. We are researching a next generation PocketLab to enable citizen scientists and students to investigate carbon emissions and air pollution with the ease of use and simplicity of our current award winning PocketLab sensors.

Coming in 2018! Sign up here for updates and news.

We're investigating measurement capabilities such as: carbon dioxide, particulate matter, ozone and other chemical gases.  In addition to these important climate and air quality measurements, this next generation PocketLab will also measure temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

PocketLab Air prototype

Our next generation PocketLab Air multi-sensor will let you collect your own data to study the air you breath, learn about climate and air quality, and make personal decisions about your environment and potential impacts on your health and safety. We are targeting a retail price of $248, and a delivery date of fall 2018.

PocketLab Air - Coming in 2018! Sign up here for updates and news.