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PocketLab One Science Fair Kit: Concussions

PocketLab Science Fair Kit: Preventing Concussions and Head Injuries

Science Fairs are starting soon! If you're looking for a cool project for a Middle School or higher science fair, this PocketLab Concussion kit has you covered. Setting up the kit and collecting data couldn't be easier, you attached the PocketLab to the included styrofoam head and you can test out endless scenarios: football helmets, bicycle helmets, any sports or safety headgear. You can simulate getting hit by a baseball, a football tackle, a cycling accident, or falling, car accidents, and more. 

PocketLab STEM Science Fair Kit contents

What makes this kit so great is the data you can collect. The idea of attaching a PocketLab to a styrofoam head is deceptively simple, while in actuality you can collect very sophisticated data from 3 axes (x, y, and z) and set up very detailed test cases. You'll be able to get very accurate results, and learn real world lessons about the forces that occur from daily life activities, such as popular sports, or common accidents like falling. 

Science Fair Kit - ball drop

You can be an inventor! There are big companies investing in making sports safer, and you can collect very similar data and try out your own ideas to make a safer sports helmet. The kit includes a PocketLab One for data collection, and detailed instructions on how to interpret data and set up test runs and trials.

Science Fair Kit - documentation

PocketLab STEM Science Fair Kit details:
- This STEM Science Fair Kit lets you be a scientist and simulate real world accidents and injuries with a crash test style dummy head.
- Includes an award winning PocketLab scientific sensor that measures high resolution acceleration data in all 3 axes.
- Be an inventor! Design and test your own creative protective headgear ideas.
- Learn about head injuries and safety: Simulate collisions, falling, sports injuries and more.
- Includes life size styrofoam head, PocketLab One sensor, getting started cards, and printed instructions including full procedure and data collection ideas.

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