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PocketLab Pendulum Do-it-Yourself Kit (Hardware Only)


Watch chaos unfold in the unpredictable movement of the double pendulum. All you need to do is 3D print the stand and pendulum parts. The screws, bolts, bearings, and assembly instructions are included in the kit.Hardware included:1x Nylon threaded rod- 5/16-18, 3" long1x Nylon screw- 5/16-18, 2.5" long6x Nylon nut- 5/16-181x Nylon spacer- 5/164x Nylon washers- 5/163x Ball bearings- 8mm used in Fidget Spinners4x Steel screw short- 1/4-20, 1/2" long3x Steel screw long- 1/4-20, 1" long7x Steel nut- 1/4-20


PocketLab Double Pendulum Do-it-yourself Kit

This hardware set is used with the 3D printer files for the PocketLab Double Pendulum which you can download here. Print your own PocketLab Double Pendulum and use the included hardware to complete the set. 

With the PocketLab Double Pendulum Do-it-yourself Kit, you'll be able to 3D print and make the pendulum pictured below.

PocketLab Double Pendulum