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iOS and Andriod


Technical questions for Apple iOS and Android

iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac OSX, and Windows Compatibility

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Submitted by PocketLab on Mon, 10/09/2017 - 17:11

There are three types of PocketLabs that work across different platforms. PocketLab Voyager, PocketLab Weather, and PocketLab One (our original PocketLab). We are working very hard on app updates to make compatibility and functionality as uniform as possible across all platforms.

Here is the status of our two apps, each platform:

iOS (iPhones and iPads) 

Saving Data for Multiple Sensors

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Submitted by David Chandler on Thu, 06/29/2017 - 00:09

I had this conversation with one of you on the phone, but I think I need to see it in black and white.  If I take 2 or 3 kinds of data in parallel, I can't upload it to iCloud.  Supposedly there is some way to store it in some other service.  I haven't succeeded yet.  I am using an iPhone as my primary data gathering device (although I may use a Chromebook at times too).  What works for this?  (I was thinking of doing some model rocketry and store both acceleration and pressure altitude data, for instance.)


--David Chandler