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PocketLab in Australia

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Submitted by DaveBakker on Fri, 10/27/2017 - 16:13

PocketLab--A science laboratory that fits in the palm of your hand!

PocketLab is an all in one science laboratory that can go anywhere, and be used to explore science in the world around you. PocketLab is used by teachers and schools world wide for hands-on activities in physics, earth science, climate, chemistry, robotics, computer science, and more. Engineers, citizen scientists and hobbyists also use PocketLab for professional applications, home science experiments, hiking, drones, maker projects, the list is endless. There are 3 PocketLab versions that can be used from basic elementary school science, climate & weather, and graduate level engineering and professional data collection applications.


Three PocketLab Versions


You can visit our PocketLab home page, or go here to read about hundreds of activities, lesson plans, and curriculum.

Welcome to all of our PocketLab fans in Australia!

PocketLab has shipped to 10's of thousands of customers in more than 60 countries around the world.  Even though the PocketLab team is located in San Jose, California, which is pretty much on the other side of the world,  Australia is one of our largest international regions. We were pleasantly surprised when orders started coming in from down under, and we still can't help but smiling every time we print out a shipping label with an 'AU' country code at the bottom.

World wide map of PocketLab users

If you're from Australia, here are some answers to questions you may have about ordering a PocketLab:

How can I place an order? We now have a reseller in Australia, CD-Soft Educational Resources. They do an excellent job of serving all the states and territories in Australia, and carry a stock of our most popular products for quick shipping. If there is a special item, we will work with them and make sure it gets to you as quickly as possible.

I have a some questions about what to order, can you send me a quotation? CD-Soft Educational Resources will be happy to generate quotations, just contact them directly. If you have additional questions before ordering, you can contact us via email and we respond to all email requests within 24 hours or sooner.

How do you support customers in Australia? We are happy to support you! Fortunately we speak roughly the same language, so it's easy to contact us with questions. We will try to resolve support issues first through CD-Soft, but if something needs to be expedited or escalated, we will work together to get a solution as quickly as possible. All of our curriculum, user guides, and videos are in English, and free to download. We honor the same warranty in Australia, are happy to send replacement devices or parts to Australia through CD-Soft.

Will PocketLab help me discover if water drains in the opposite directions between the northern and southern hemispheres? Perhaps yes. You can use the gyroscope for this test and let us know what you find!