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Engage students with easy to use sensors., digital curriculum., real-world concepts., hands-on science., standards-aligned content., project-based learning.


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Fueling Curiosity, Empowering Educators

Hands-On Science Tools and Teaching Community

Dive into immersive learning with data sensors, a digital lab notebook, and teacher-curated, standards-aligned curriculum resources. Created by educators, for educators, our platform provides a straightforward, flexible, and comprehensive approach to teaching science, empowering you to create dynamic and interactive learning environments that fully engage your students at every stage.



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Explore Sensors

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Teachers speak

Insights on PocketLab

In this video, listen to a teacher who utilizes PocketLab in their weekly lessons, showcasing how it revolutionizes STEM education through real-time experiments and data analysis.

Read the below testimonials from educators, offering a glimpse into the many positive experiences shared by educators on how PocketLab enhances their teaching.

Jessica Wade-1

it's giving them ownership...

“Giving kids PocketLab equipment allows genuine scientific research and experiments... they’re making the discoveries that are important for them... it’s giving them ownership of what they’re doing.”

Dr. Jessica Wade, Faculty of Engineering | Imperial College London

Matt Nupen-1

what I've been waiting for...

“The PocketLab Notebook is exactly what I’ve been waiting for as a science STEM educator... Easily create experiments with embedded questions, data collection, analysis, and conclusions.” 

Matt Nupen, Curriculum Development

Megan Bradshaw-1

blown away with the ease...

“We were blown away with the ease of the Pocketlabs... the ability to get so much different data, show it graphically, and draw conclusions... everything we strive for in a science classroom... they all fit together perfectly with PocketLab.”

Megan Bradshaw, Science Department Head

Mrs. Bermann-1

thank you so much...

“Teaching physical science with the help of these devices is so much fun... Students are able to see and measure the forces of physics and create their own data to use in experiments instead of relying on pre-created data... Thank you so much.”

Mrs. Bermann, Teacher

Jamie Thompson

... happening right now data.

“That’s the neat thing about’s current information happening right now data. If you are talking about last week’s data, you’re too late...”

Jamie Thompson, High School Principal

Derek Tangredi-1

learners challenged...

“I can have my IEP students, exceptional students, and gifted learners challenged with the use of PocketLab... linking things right through your website... students produce amazing work within groups.”

Derek Tangredi, 8th Grade Teacher

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