Inspire students to be curious., be adventurous., be scientists for a day., be scientists for life.

PocketLab is a hands-on, remote-ready learning system with everything science teachers need to bring labs and lessons to life.

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The PocketLab System

An interactive system for science learning.

Sensors + Software + Lessons + Community

The PocketLab System brings together sensors, software, lessons and community. The result is an easy, cool, amazing way to teach science that feels comprehensive and "done for you" while keeping the power to differentiate and customize learning in the hands of teachers.

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Wireless, Multi-functional & remote-ready. 

Measure and collect data from hands-on science experiments, and instantly transmit data to our Notebook software for visualization and analysis. 

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Software that makes science come alive. 

Notebook is a full-featured digital lab book. Collect, visualize, and analyze live experiment data in a way that makes labs come alive. 

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Lesson Library

Science labs to make learning come together. 

Inside Notebook software are hundreds of lessons written by experts, teachers, and our in-house team, adaptable to any classroom. 

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ScIC Virtual Community

Free virtual unconferences for cool teachers. 

ScIC "Science is Cool" is a free virtual conference for science teachers, attracting over 50,000 educators from 150 countries.

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PocketLab Bundles

Designed for classrooms.

Take science education to the next level.
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Designed for educators, schools, and school districts who want a comprehensive solution for hands-on science learning.

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Makes managing classroom project simple, and makes analyzing and comparing information so much easier.

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Customizable and created specifically for classroom learning. Set a budget, get supplied, and start exploring.

Explore PocketLab Bundles

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Free Virtual Conferences For
Cool Teachers

When learning went fully remote in March 2020, so did we, creating the first ever ScIC unconference to support teachers everywhere. One year and five all-day events later, we're more committed than ever to bringing the STEM community together to build the future. 


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