Engage students with easy to use sensors., digital curriculum., real-world concepts., hands-on science., standards-aligned content., project-based learning.

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PocketLab Learning Solutions

Hands-on classroom tools and resources for data collection and curriculum delivery.

PocketLab brings together data sensors, a digital lab notebook, educator-written labs and lessons, and standards-aligned core curriculum built with customization in mind. Designed by teachers for teachers, we’ve made an easy, flexible, comprehensive way to teach science while keeping the power to customize learning in your hands.

What do teachers think about PocketLab?

Hear from a teacher that uses PocketLabs in her classroom every week!


"The PocketLab tools are an essential way of collecting real-world authentic data. They help kids get engaged with the learning... it's their data."

-Rosa Serratore

STEM Coordinator

PocketLab Sensors

Portable, multi-functional and
hands-on ready.

Multiple sensors in a single hand-held device. Collect live data and instantly visualize and collaborate with your students within PocketLab Notebook. Perfect for a sensemaking classroom.

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Flexible by design.

PocketLab Notebook Pro now hosts Kesler Science 4th-8th grade, OpenSciEd middle school and Conceptual Academy high school science curricula empowering you to customize curriculum delivery based on your classroom needs. Need to pivot? Re-order lessons, add custom modules and supplement curriculum using resources from the Lesson Library and easily assign to students and monitor progress.

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giving them the ownership...

Jessica Wade

“Giving kids PocketLab equipment allows genuine scientific research and experiments... they’re making the discoveries that are important for them... it’s giving them ownership of what they’re doing.”

Dr. Jessica Wade, Faculty of Engineering | Imperial College London

extremely powerful...

Willy Kjellstrom

“Being able to take a Nerf ball, cut in half, slap the PocketLab inside of it, rubberband it together and then kick it was extremely powerful.”

Willy Kjellstrom, Learning Technologist

blown away with the ease...

Megan Bradshaw

“We were blown away with the ease of the Pocketlabs... the ability to get so much different data, show it graphically, and draw conclusions... everything we strive for in a science classroom... they all fit together perfectly with PocketLab.”

Megan Bradshaw, Science Department Head

learners challenged...

Derek Tangredi

“I can have my IEP students, exceptional students, and gifted learners challenged with the use of PocketLab... linking things right through your website... students produce amazing work within groups.”

Derek Tangredi, 8th Grade Teacher

thank you so much...

Mrs. Bermann

“Teaching physical science with the help of these devices is so much fun... Students are able to see and measure the forces of physics and create their own data to use in experiments instead of relying on pre-created data... Thank you so much.”

Mrs. Bermann, Teacher

what I've been waiting for...

Matt Nupen

“The PocketLab Notebook is exactly what I’ve been waiting for as a science STEM educator... Easily create experiments with embedded questions, data collection, analysis, and conclusions.” 

Matt Nupen, Curriculum Development