Inspire students to be curious., be adventurous., be scientists for a day., be scientists for life.

Your classroom is one-of-a-kind.

PocketLab provides the flexible hands-on tools and resources you need to teach science your way.
Because no one knows better than you how to meet the needs of your students.

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The PocketLab System

A real-world system for science learning.

The PocketLab System brings together science curriculum, hands-on labs and lessons, data sensors, and professional development built with customization in mind. Designed by teachers for teachers, we’ve made an easy, hands-on comprehensive way to teach standards-based science while keeping the power to customize learning in your hands.

PocketLab Notebook

Software that makes science come alive. 

PocketLab Notebook is an interactive, cloud-based digital science platform where students collect, visualize, and analyze live data and teachers lesson plan and monitor student progress. Notebook includes access to hundreds of lessons developed by our in-house team of educators, celebrity contributors and industry experts that make teaching easy and customizable. 

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PocketLab Sensors

Portable, multi-functional and
hands-on ready.

Multiple sensors in one hand-held device. Collect live data and instantly visualize and collaborate with your students within PocketLab Notebook. Perfect for a sensemaking classroom.

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Flexible by design.

PocketLab Notebook Pro now hosts Kesler Science 4th-8th grade, OpenSciEd middle school and Conceptual Academy high school science curricula empowering you to customize curriculum delivery based on your classroom needs. Need to pivot? Re-order lessons, add custom modules and supplement curriculum using resources from the Lesson Library and easily assign to students and monitor progress.

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Science is Cool

Virtual unconferences for cool teachers. 

If conferences feel like a Monday morning meeting, ScIC “Science is Cool” unconferences feel like a Friday afternoon. We’re connecting a global community of science enthusiasts and science educators doing inspiring things in their classroom. Come for the amazing content, join in the fun, and stay for the free professional development.

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PocketLab Bundles

Simplify your decision with bundles that include all the tools you need to power your entire classroom, school or district with the most versatile, easy-to-use
science classroom technology.

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Bring science labs and lessons to life.

Everything we create is hands-on and customizable. Explore scientific phenomena with an interactive system that supports differentiated learning.


Get real with citizen science.

The world needs science now more than ever. We help you show students how science empowers them to make a difference in the world.


Equip students to be scientists.

Each component of the PocketLab system is designed to work elegantly together. Real-time data visualization means students see experiments come alive right before their eyes. 

I can have my IEP students, my exceptionality students and gifted learners challenged with the use of PocketLab. We build in your video tutorials, we're linking things right through your website and students produce amazing work within groups.
Derek Tangredi
Eighth Grade Teacher
Now we're giving kids pieces of data or a piece of equipment to do genuine scientific research, experiments that have never been done before, and they're making the discoveries. It's giving them ownership of what they're doing.
Dr. Jessica Ward
Faculty of Engineering | Imperial College London
The PocketLab tools are an essential way of collecting real-world authentic data. They help kids get engaged with the learning... it's their data.
Rosa Serratore
STEM Coordinator | Santa Monica High School
It's a phenomenal thing to play back the data [in PocketLab Notebook] and to be able to see the graphs change as you are looking at the actual device that's that's doing its motion.
Dr. Richard Born
Associate Professor Emeritus | Northern Illinois University
Our students love to use PocketLab Voyagers! They quickly learn to access the wide-ranging capabilities and use them throughout the year to discover relationships - which would not be possible without this device! Inquiry experiments with magnetic fields, for example, were not accessible to our students prior to purchasing class sets of PocketLab Voyagers!
Joe Lutz
Science Teacher | Grand Haven Area Public Schools

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