Inspire students to be curious., be adventurous., be scientists for a day., be scientists for life.

PocketLab is a hands-on, classroom-ready learning system that brings STEM labs and lessons to life.


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The PocketLab System

A real-world system for science learning.

The PocketLab System brings together data sensors, lab software, lesson plans and professional development for hands-on and classroom-ready learning. Designed by teachers for teachers, we’ve made an easy, cool, hands-on way to teach comprehensive “done for you” science while keeping the power to customize learning in your hands. 

PocketLab Sensors

Portable, multi-functional & classroom-ready.

Measure and collect data from hands-on science experiments using a single sensor, and instantly transmit data to PocketLab Notebook software for visualization and analysis.

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PocketLab Notebook

Software that makes science come alive. 

Full-featured digital lab software where students collect, visualize, and analyze live experiment data in the field or the classroom. Empowers teachers to track student comprehension of key science concepts by easily reviewing lab assignments right in the app.

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Lesson Library

Science labs to make learning come together. 

Inside PocketLab Notebook software are hundreds of proprietary lesson plans developed by educators and experts to make teaching both easy and customizable. Lesson partners include PhET Interactive Simulations, StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kesler Science, Open SciEd, Hooked on Science with Jason Lindsey, Conceptual Academy, TeacherGeek and Green Ninja.

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Science is Cool

Virtual unconferences for cool teachers. 

If conferences feel like a Monday morning meeting, ScIC “Science is Cool” unconferences feel like a Friday afternoon. We’re connecting a global community of science celebrities and, just as celebrated, science educators doing amazing things in their classroom. Come for the amazing content, join in the fun, and stay for the free professional development.

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I can have my IEP students, my exceptionality students and gifted learners challenged with the use of PocketLab. We build in your video tutorials, we're linking things right through your website and students produce amazing work within groups.
Derek Tangredi
Eighth Grade Teacher
Now we're giving kids pieces of data or a piece of equipment to do genuine scientific research, experiments that have never been done before, and they're making the discoveries. It's giving them ownership of what they're doing.
Dr. Jessica Ward
Faculty of Engineering | Imperial College London
It's a phenomenal thing to play back the data [in PocketLab Notebook] and to be able to see the graphs change as you are looking at the actual device that's that's doing its motion.
Dr. Richard Born
Associate Professor Emeritus | Northern Illinois University

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