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PocketLab is Ready to Ship!

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Submitted by PocketLab on Mon, 06/29/2015 - 23:28

Fulfillment update

After hours of USPS box folding, tiny-screw tightening, and quality assurance testing, we are happy to announce that our manufacturing and fulfillment is up to speed. We can’t thank our supporters enough.

If you pre-ordered a PocketLab through Kickstarter or through our own site, chances are you’ve already paired it to your device and explored with it.

If you pre-ordered and don’t have yours yet, it is most likely in transit. You should have received a tracking number from if it shipped. If you haven’t heard anything from us or from, make sure you filled out your Kickstarter survey (if you were a backer) so we have your mailing address and then send us a message at [email protected].

We want to hear from you!



How are you using your PocketLab? What are you attaching it to? What kind of acceleration can you get from your homemade catapult? Have you already made a cool PocketLab video? There are a number of ways to share with our community. Post PocketLab ideas and videos to Twitter using our handle @thepocketlab or #thepocketlab.  Post to Facebook and link it to our page,, or post it to the forum under “Fun Activities and Use Cases.” 

It’s already been great to hear from so many enthusiastic users who are exploring with PocketLab in exciting new ways. The PocketLab community wants to hear more!

Calling all teachers…

We have 25 PocketLab experiments posted on our forum under“School Curriculum.” You can download a lesson, use it or modify it for you specific grade level or classroom, and share it back with the community to help other teachers.

We know the best classroom ideas and lessons for PocketLab will come from our teacher community. If you make your own teaching resource that takes advantage of the PocketLab we want you to share it with the community on our forum under “Share your Labs and Assignments.”

This is an exciting time for PocketLab. We owe everything to our supporters and community, so a huge thank you from the entire PocketLab Team.