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PocketLab Forces and Motion Kit


The PocketLab Forces and Motion Kit provides everything you need for one lab group to explore velocity, acceleration, position, forces, momentum, and energy. Kit includes a PocketLab, and a cart that can be assembled and configured for various lab experiments.

Included in the kit is a PocketLab One, and a rubber band cart complete with parts to perform the core curriculum below. The cart can be assembled in 10 minutes or less, and you can buy extra carts and/or extra PocketLabs separately if desired.

This kit uses both the award winning PocketLab app and the PocketLab VelocityLab app, which are both free to download, and support iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Chromebooks. The app connects to your PocketLab to stream or record live data, which can be saved and analyzed in a graph or spreadsheet format.

Included are downloadable lesson plans covering all of the concepts needed to study Force and Motion. Some of the lessons are developed professionally by the PocketLab team, and some are contributed by teachers around the world who use PocketLab in their classrooms. There are new lessons being uploaded almost daily on our community site, so if you check back often there will be new content and ideas to check out.

Crash Cushion lab at Santa Clara University summer program for Society of Women Engineers

The Forces and Motion curriculum is organized into core curriculum, extension and challenges, and bonus content that will require some other materials and resources to complete. All the curriculum is free to download and copy and paste or modify as you see fit.


Position, Velocity, and Acceleration:

Linear Motion: Position, Velocity, and Acceleration

Newton's Laws:

Crash Cushion Investigation

PocketLab on an Oscillating Cart

Energy Transfer:

Energy Transfer: Elastic Potential Energy to Kinetic Potential Energy

Energy Transfer: Gravitational Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy

Conservation of Momentum:

A Classic Conservation of Momentum Experiment with PocketLab

Conservation of Momentum when Two Carts Explode


An Experiment in Rotational Dynamics that Emphasizes the NGSS Engineering Practices

A VelocityLab Experiment on Rolling Resistance

A Quantitative PocketLab Study of Momentum, Impulse, and Force in the Collision of Two Carts

A Momentum Conservation Experiment for Inelastic Collisions of Two Carts

Project Motion of an Object


Middle School Science: Balloon Powered Car

Position vs Time with Magnets