PocketLab Sensors

Wireless, multifunctional & remote-ready.

All of our wireless, remote-ready sensors are designed to measure and collect live data from hundreds of hands-on science experiments and instantly visualized on PocketLab Notebook.

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Meet G-Force,
the STEM kit on wheels

It's like a Hot Wheels™ car with a speedometer


PocketLab G-Force is a toy-sized technology-packed sensorized car that empowers you to measure speed, acceleration, g-forces, and much more. You can create speed contests, design science experiments, and learn about engineering and physics. G-Force packs cutting edge technology in a rugged car chassis for tons of science fun.

  • Speed Racer: How fast are you going? PocketLab G-Force has a miniaturized odometer and speedometer that works just like a real car. The speedometer data transmits wirelessly to your phone, tablet, or computer in real-time.

  • Cool Data: Crash cars together and measure the g-forces of a collision. PocketLab G-Force has an onboard inertial measurement unit (IMU) for advanced measurements, the same kind of technology used for autonomous driving.

  • Smooth Ride: Equipped with micro-ball-bearings, precision machined stainless steel axles, and fine-tuned mechanics- this is a lot more than a diecast toy car.

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Meet Voyager,
the adventure sensor

The world is made of motion.

Attach this rugged multi-sensor to almost anything and see what happens. PocketLab Voyager combines eight popular science sensors into a single, sleek device to create a science lab that fits in your hand. 

  • Measure almost anything, including motion, altitude, light, magnetic fields, and more. 

  • Get more done with our no-prep lab solution that combines Voyager with a digital lab Notebook (free or Pro), and a built-in library of lessons.

  • Adapt to any classroom -- in-person, hybrid, or remote -- because everything we make is designed wireless and remote-ready from day one.

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Meet Air,
the climate sensor

Science can save the world.


PocketLab Air brings together everything a citizen scientist needs to make a difference in one, durable device. It’s a science lab powerful enough for professional-grade air research that is compact and user-friendly enough to put the power directly in the hands of the next generation. 

  • Investigate the air quality in the community and produce research-quality results

  • Assess climate patterns with technology powerful enough for the pros and user-friendly for anyone

  • Empower citizen scientists by making climate change personal and involving students in gathering real-world information

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Meet Weather,
the mini-meteorologist

Anyone can be a meteorologist for a day.

Go far beyond the daily weather report and see the stories behind the seasons. PocketLab Weather takes a core set of features from our popular Voyager multi-sensor and tailors it to explore the specific mystery of weather.

  • Design dozens of experiments that make science come alive

  • Explore the complex weather factors interacting behind the scenes

  • Teach students to decipher weather forecasts

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Meet Thermo,
the two temperature sensor

To compare is to understand.

Let this simplified two-temperature probe solution turn your next science lesson into exploration. PocketLab
Thermo is a dual temperature sensor that includes two thermistor probes with simultaneous measurement capabilities. 

  • Compare any two temperatures, anytime, anywhere

  • Introduce experimental basics in a fun, hands-on way that inspires curiosity

  • Makes comparing an experimental setup to a control setup simple

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