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PocketLab Sensors

Portable, multi-functional, classroom-ready and designed to make teaching easier.

All of our PocketLab devices are designed to increase the engagement of all students including diverse learners, reduce prep time for classroom activities, and produce better student outcomes. All PocketLabs measure and collect live data from hundreds of ready-to-use hands-on science activites available in the lesson library on PocketLab Notebook.


Meet Voyager 2,
the adventure sensor

More than a dozen functions packed into one tiny tool.

Attach this rugged multi-sensor to almost anything and see what happens. Voyager 2 combines an array of popular precision science sensors into a single, portable device to create a science lab that fits in your hand. It’s the most versatile multi-sensor on the market. 

  • More powerful and precise than any classroom sensor on the market.
  • Adapt to any classroom with sensors designed to connect to any device anywhere for instant data collection, storage and analysis.

  • Measure almost anything including:
    Acceleration Altitude
    Angular Velocity Humidity
    Magnetic Field Heat Index
    Position (Rangefinder) Barometric Pressure
    Quaternion Orientation Dew Point
    Temperature (Probe) Light Intensity
    Temperature (Ambient)



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Meet G-Force,
the force and motion sensor on wheels

It's like a Hot Wheels™ car with a speedometer.

PocketLab G-Force is everything you need to bring physics concepts to life in a car small enough to fit on a Hot Wheels™ track. Measure velocity, position, g-force, rotation and direction using one device and instantly track, measure and analyze the data of any motion experiment you can imagine. Use the G-force accessories to create crash simulations or see the effects of added weight or wind in real-time. It’s serious science with the fun built in.

  • Speed Racer: How fast are you going? PocketLab G-Force is equipped with advanced sensor technology that allows it to measure the speed and distance traveled just like a real car. The speedometer data transmits wirelessly to a phone, tablet, or computer in real-time.

  • High Tech: Crash cars together and measure the g-forces of a collision or a turn in the track. PocketLab G-Force has an onboard inertial measurement unit (IMU) for advanced measurements, the same kind of technology used for autonomous driving.

  • Level Up: PocketLab G-Force is sophisticated enough to investigate college-level science concepts and simple enough to teach physics in elementary school. You can experiment with simple harmonic motion or three-dimensional kinematics with something that looks like a toy car.

  • Measures:
    Velocity Position
    G-Force Rotation

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Meet Air,
the earth science sensor

Science can save the world.

PocketLab Air brings together everything a scientist (including your students!) needs to make a difference in one, durable device. It’s a science lab powerful enough for professional-grade air and climate research that is compact and user-friendly enough to put the power directly in the hands of the next generation. 

  • Investigate the air quality in the community and produce research-quality results.

  • Assess climate patterns with technology powerful enough for the pros and user-friendly for anyone.

  • Empower citizen scientists by making climate change personal and involving students in gathering real-world information.

  • Measures:
    Carbon Dioxide Particulate Matter
    Ozone AQI
    Dew Point Heat Index
    Temperature  Barometric Pressure
    Light Intensity Humidity

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Meet Weather,
the mini-meteorologist

Anyone can be a meteorologist for a day.

Go far beyond the daily weather report and see the stories behind the seasons. PocketLab Weather takes a core set of features from our popular Voyager multi-sensor and tailors it to explore the science of weather.

  • Design dozens of experiments that make science come alive.

  • Explore the complex weather factors interacting behind the scenes.

  • Teach students to decipher weather forecasts.

  • Measures:
    Temperature (Probe) Temperature (Ambient)
    Barometric Pressure Light Intensity
    Altitude Humidity
    Dew Point Heat Index

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Meet Thermo,
the dual temperature sensor

With two temperatures measured at the same time, Thermo uses comparison to unlock understanding.

Let this simplified dual temperature probe solution turn your next science lesson into exploration. PocketLab 
Thermo is a dual temperature sensor that includes two thermistor probes with simultaneous measurement capabilities. 

  • Compare any two temperatures, anytime, anywhere.

  • Introduce experimental basics in a fun, hands-on way that inspires curiosity.

  • Makes comparing an experimental setup to a control setup simple.

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