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PocketLab Maker Kit

Fun Activities

There are hours of fun activities with the PocketLab Maker Kit:

  • Build a car that runs on air pressure and measures position, velocity, and acceleration

  • -Recreate Galileo’s classic pendulum experiments.

  • -Weight items by using air pressure

  • -Detect Earthquakes by making your own seismometer.

  • -Design a magnetic field minesweeper game.

What will you learn?

While you're having fun with PocketLab and the Maker Kit, you will be learning some serious science. We have designed this kit to cover many of the Physical Science NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), including:

  • -Newton's Laws of Motion (MS-PS2-1; MS-PS2-2)

  • -Kinetic energy, mass and speed of an object (MS-PS3-1)

  • -Electric and Magnetic Fields (MS-PS2-5)

  • -Amplitude and energy in a wave (MS-PS4-1)

What's in the kit?

  • -Does not include a PocketLab wireless sensor.

  • -Science supplies for a dozen activities

  • -Online activity guides and curriculum.

Check out these example videos of just some of the activities you can do with the PocketLab Maker kit!