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PocketLab Light Kit

The Light Kit is a simple but engaging way to investigate light through hands-on activities designed for middle school and high school students. The lesson materials work with PocketLab Voyager, PocketLab Weather, and PocketLab Air. You can also use the kit without a PocketLab device for qualitative labs.

example light kit lab_0


  • 2 Linear polarized filters

  • 3 Colored transparent filters (red, green, blue)

  • Detailed lessons and instructions through the PocketLab Notebook

Alignment to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

NGSS MS-PS4-2 - Waves and their Applications

Develop and use a model to describe that waves are reflected, absorbed, or transmitted through various materials.

NGSS HS-PS4-3 - Waves and their Applications

Evaluate the claims, evidence, and reasoning behind the idea that electromagnetic radiation can be described either by a wave model or a particle model, and that for some situations one model is more useful than the other.

Real Data, Not Simulations

Every activity involves real-world data collection of physical phenomenon so your students can learn hands-on.

Backed by Research

Lessons were developed in projects with the Department of Education Institute of Educational Sciences and the National Science Foundation SBIR program




PocketLab is a science learning system.


PocketLab sensors do not stand alone. Every sensor is part of the PocketLab learning system, which brings together our sensors, software, lesson library, and ScIC conference. Plus, the whole system scales to fit any class load. Anyone using PocketLab is part of a massive science learning community that is growing every day. 

All PocketLab sensors are designed to seamlessly pair with our free Notebook or Notebook Pro software for real-time data visualizations, analysis, and lab reports. Create live, vivid data visualizations. Record and analyze data in real time. Create and share lab reports.

Choose from our teacher-made lesson library full of no-prep labs and projects designed specifically for our sensors and built directly into Notebook and Notebook Pro. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all part of the PocketLab learning system. 

Have drawers full of sensors from different companies? No problem. Both Notebook and Notebook Pro can visualize data from practically any sensor. Just export and upload a CSV file of your data and Notebook will automatically create interactive graphs of your measurements. 

Lesson Library In PocketLab Notebook

Notebook is a full-featured, all-in-one digital lab book. The Lesson Library in PocketLab Notebook offers pre-built lessons for popular labs that every science room uses.

Check out this lessons you can use with your Polarized Light Kit. 


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