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LED Flame Lamp: Random or Cyclical Illumination?

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Submitted by Rich on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 19:00

Late in 2017 a handful of companies began selling LED flame lamps that do a great job of simulating an actual burning fire. The illumination is bright, has a color temperature of a warm orange flame, and the light produces negligible heat while running at under 5 watts of electric power. This light seems to be a great replacement for traditional gas lanterns, hurricane lamps, and oil lamps.  The simulated flame is unbelievably realistic in the flame light purchased by the author. No obvious pattern could be detected in the flickering LED flame by observing the light with the eye. Common sense suggested that being electronic-chip based, the pattern should repeat itself at regular intervals. What better way to determine if it repeats itself regularly or is completely random that to use PocketLab Voyager’s Light Sensor?!  This makes an interesting discovery investigation for your students!

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