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PocketLab Voyager/Vernier: Forced Oscillations and Resonance

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Submitted by Rich on Thu, 08/31/2017 - 19:20

This lesson can be used to provide a demonstration of forced oscillations and resonance in a small model structure.  This lesson is possible by teaming Vernier Software & Technology with PocketLab.  The forced oscillations of the structure are produced by the use of a Vernier power amplifier, LabQuest® 2 function generator, and accessory speaker.  When driven at known and carefully controlled frequencies, it becomes possible to determine the resonant frequency of the structure.  PocketLab Voyager is firmly attached to the top of the model structure and set to record acceleration at the highest possible point per second rate.  Meanwhile, the sine wave frequency of the forced oscillations is gradually increased from 1 to 10 Hz, by steps of 1 Hz each.  Analysis of the acceleration vs. time graph produced by the PocketLab app can then be used to determine the natural frequency of the structure.

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