PocketLab Bundles

A comprehensive solution for STEM coordinators, teachers, and administrators who want to take integrated learning to the next level. Our bundles bring together everything a teacher needs to design and manage hundreds of labs and lessons.


Everything is connected. And now you are, too.

Easy Classroom Management

Teachers have full visibility and monitoring capability into every students' lab Notebook before, during, and after labs happen. Creating experiments, managing classroom projects, monitoring progress, giving feedback, and analyzing data as a group and comparing information just got a lot easier. 

Unlimited Data Capture

Explore and experiment to your heart’s content. With a bundle of sensors, students will gather all kinds of data. With Notebook Pro, teachers have an easy way to keep track of it and make it meaningful.

Differentiated Learning

With one, central lesson library that flexes to fit student learning needs and classroom bundles, teachers can build a differentiated lesson for the whole class around a single idea.

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