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PocketLab Bundles

Take the guesswork out of your PocketLab purchase. With just the right mix of PocketLab sensors and software tailored to your unique classroom needs, bundles make it easy to get started with hands-on, experiential learning. 

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The STEM Department Bundle

Gear up. 20 Voyager 2 sensors, 20 Thermo sensors, 10 Air sensors, 5 Notebook Pro Annual Subscriptions + Accessories.

Perfect for multiple classrooms across a department or district.


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The STEM Classroom Bundle

Classroom ready. 10 Voyager 2 sensors, 10 Thermo sensors, 3 Air sensors, 1 Notebook Pro Annual Subscription + Accessories.

Ideal for teaching multiple science disciplines in a single classroom.


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The Ultimate Physics Bundle

Physics focused? 10 Voyager 2 sensors, 10 G-Force sensor cars, 1 Notebook Pro Annual Subscription + Accessories.

Designed to improve student engagement in an entire physics unit or course.


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The Citizen Science Bundle

Science everywhere. 10 Thermo sensors, 10 Air sensors, 1 Notebook Pro Annual Subscription + Accessories.

Everything a single class needs to gather real-world data about the world outside the classroom.


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The Upper Elementary Science Bundle

Grades 4-6. 10 G-Force sensor cars, 10 Weather sensors, 3 Notebook Pro Annual Subscriptions + Accessories.

Get real with force and motion and environmental science in your elementary classrooms.


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The G-Force Bundle

Speed racer. 10 G-Force sensor cars, 1 Notebook Pro Annual Subscription, track sets + Accessories.

Get hands-on with motion physics concepts using G-Force to experiment with racing, crashing and graph matching.


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Everything is connected.
And now you are too.

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All bundles include an annual PocketLab Notebook subscription. Notebook is an interactive, full-featured digital science platform where students collect, visualize, and analyze live data. Students respond to questions and add data to cloud-based lab reports where teachers can monitor progress and provide real-time feedback.


PocketLab Notebook also includes access to hundreds of lessons developed by our in-house team of educators, celebrity contributors and industry experts. Customize the built-in lessons or create your own using our drag-and-drop lesson builder with modules like discussion questions, videos, data tables, and PhET simulations.

hand-held SENSORS

Supply your classroom with enough easy-to-use, multi-functional sensors and accessories to support multiple lab groups. Connect wirelessly to any device via Bluetooth and instantly collect and store data. Students are able to easily manipulate experiment variables and connect science concepts to real-world data.

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