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We're on a mission to inspire science teachers through unforgettable professional development experiences and a passion for the power of education.

Our next event is July 23, 2024
featuring Disney Imagination Campus!


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Featured Sessions

Explr Media

"STEM Saves the World" with Kari Byron, Jenny Buccos,  Jeremy Shorr and Justin "Mr. Fascinate" Shaiffer 

Dr. Temple Grandin

"The Great Minds of Unique Learners"

Science Friday

"Bees Have a Hairy Secret: Static Charge" with Xochitl Garcia and Ariel Zych

Dr. Liz Warren

"The International Space Station: Humanity's Great Learning Outpost"

Maynard Okereke, The Hip Hop M.D.

"Education Through Entertainment"

Walt Disney Imagineering

"S.T.E.A.M Powered: Inside Walt Disney Imagineering" with Josh Gorin


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For Teachers, by Teachers

ScIC "Science is Cool" is brought to you by PocketLab, a science technology company founded by teachers. 

We started ScIC "Science is Cool" virtual unconference in March 2020 as a way to make the best of our, um, unique situation, and create new opportunities for both teachers and innovative education companies. The spirit of our work as an "unconference" is to provide everyone with useful tools and valuable resources as well as giving participants a voice for what's next.

ScIC quickly evolved into a thriving, inspiring forum for teachers around the world to access tools, offer solutions, and also have a place to find camaraderie, and feel heard and understood.

Thank you for being an integral part of ScIC "Science is Cool". We are elated by how well these events have been received and intend to hang out with you for the long run.

I loved it and left inspired! This was a very organized conference. I am so so glad I attended.Thank you so much! I am just bursting with new ideas!
ScIC7 attendee
My brain is on overdrive!
ScIC9 attendee
It was my first time with ScIC and I am very impressed with the conference. Thank you for organizing it.
ScIC8 attendee
Well organized conference with relevant information and even better- immediately applicable ideas for free!!
ScIC4 attendee
I was in awe that I was in a conference with so many people from around the world....that wasa highlight for me in itself.....priceless information was provided
ScIC6 attendee
This is the kind of PD that gets me excited for school!
ScIC9 attendee
Please continue to do this conference virtually even after the world returns to normal. It gave so many people around the world the opportunity to go without having to worry about travel funds [or] days off. I loved all the connections to real science and can’t wait to start implementing them into my classroom.
ScIC5 attendee
I immediately shared the virtual resources with my district science curriculum instructors as well as with my science dept.
ScIC5 attendee
I always come out more inspired and recharged with ideas & strategies to use with my students.
ScIC8 attendee

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