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We continue to keep these events free for teachers because we want everyone to benefit from these conversations and resources. 

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Well, we have fun making these. Your time and attention is invaluable and PD days can be a blast. 

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Because teachers should rule the world. 





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ScIC "Science is Cool" is brought to you by PocketLab, a science technology company founded by teachers. 

We started ScIC "Science is Cool" virtual unconference in March 2020 as a way to make the best of our, um, unique situation, and create new opportunities for both teachers and innovative education companies. The spirit of our work as an "unconference" is to provide everyone with useful tools and valuable resources as well as giving participants a voice for what's next.

ScIC quickly evolved into a thriving, inspiring forum for teachers around the world to access tools, offer solutions, and also have a place to find camaraderie, and feel heard and understood.

Thank you for being an integral part of ScIC "Science is Cool". We are elated by how well these events have been received and intend to hang out with you for the long run.


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Science is cool because you make it cool.