PocketLab Notebook

Software that makes science come alive.

Notebook is a full-featured, all-in-one digital lab notebook designed for classrooms. Collect, visualize, and analyze authentic live data, anytime and anywhere and watch science labs come alive.

Available in three options based on your classroom needs - Notebook (free), Notebook Pro, Notebook Pro + Curriculum.

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Integrate with Google Classroom or ClassLink to create student accounts.

Collect, save, and analyze unlimited PocketLab sensor data.

Customize hands-on labs and lesson plans with the Lesson Library.

Monitor student progress and give real-time feedback.


Assign lessons and monitor progress

Create and assign lessons that include PocketLab sensor data, PhET interactive simulations, interactive questions, videos, and charts. Monitor progress on a master screen and track, respond, and adapt to student work in real-time.

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Access Hundreds of Lessons and Labs

Our industry partners, celebrity contributors and in-house team of educators add to our Lesson Library every week. Imagine your students learning science alongside StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson or Hooked on Science with Jason Lindsey. Our NGSS-compatible lessons are ready-to-use, fully customizable, and perfect for supplementing all major national curricula.

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Collect Data And Visualize In Real Time

PocketLab Notebook wirelessly collects, visualizes and catalogs a vast range of PocketLab sensor data and student work. Use on a Chromebook or PocketLab app for iPhone and Android. 

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Create Custom Lessons
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Customize Curriculum on a Digital Platform

Science curriculum is now uniquely customizable with a Notebook Pro + Curriculum subscription. Access all the features of Notebook Pro plus complete standards-aligned science curriculum from our curriculum partners, Kesler Science, OpenSciEd and Conceptual Academy. With customizable lesson modules and a library of supplemental content, you have the flexibility to teach science your way.




Kesler Science offers thousands of engaging, customizable, NGSS- and TEKS-aligned lessons and activities for 4th-8th grade science classrooms. Students progress through the research-based 5E model that provides excitement and flexibility for students and teachers alike. Demo version available now.

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OpenSciEd is high-quality, open-source middle school science curriculum. Engage students with this science storytelling approach that is research-backed, locally-adaptable and promotes equitable science learning and student coherence.

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Conceptual Academy


Conceptual Academy is expertly-designed high school science curriculum that engages students with a comprehensive library of video content. This unique format equips students to make connections between scientific concepts and the real world.

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Backed by Research

PocketLab Notebook was developed through grants with the National Science Foundation and the Institute of Education Sciences at the Department of Education and in partnership with WestEd Research. 

We piloted Notebook beta with hundreds of middle school students to see if it increased their engagement in the NGSS science and engineering practices. In preliminary feedback, 71% of the 350 student participants responded that they actually enjoyed the lab report process while using the PocketLab Notebook!



PocketLab Notebook


Collect, visualize, and analyze PocketLab data anytime, anywhere and access the complete Lesson Library. Assign up to ten lessons to your students.

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Notebook Pro

$150 / teacher / year

Go digital in your science classroom. Everything included with Notebook (free) plus the ability to assign unlimited lessons to your students.

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Notebook Pro + OpenSciEd

$695 / teacher / year

Need middle school curriculum? Access Notebook Pro plus the complete OpenSciEd NGSS-aligned middle school science curriculum. 

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Notebook Pro + Conceptual Academy

$990 / teacher / subject / year

Need high school curriculum?
Access Notebook Pro plus NGSS-aligned Conceptual Academy Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

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Design a custom PocketLab System.

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