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The best of both worlds.

PocketLab Notebook Pro is a full-featured digital lab notebook designed for classrooms. Educators can access hundreds of lessons and make labs come alive by collecting, visualizing, and analyzing authentic live data, anytime and anywhere. 

OpenSciEd offers open-source, locally-adaptable, full-course curriculum that supports equitable science learning. It consists of phenomenon-based, three-dimensional units that prioritize student coherence and equitable science sensemaking. 

PocketLab and OpenSciEd have joined forces to create an all-in-one, flexible solution for teachers.

  • Easier than ever. Access curriculum, assign hands-on labs, and monitor student progress toward key learning objectives from one platform.

  • Adaptive by design. Choose from dozens of NGSS-aligned Notebook Lessons for the flexibility to teach science concepts your way.

  • Research-backed. Teach with content based on the latest research regarding how students learn most effectively, and watch engagement and comprehension improve in measurable ways.

  • Cost-effective. Save with our affordable per-teacher pricing structure.

  • Seamlessly integrated. Connect PocketLab Notebook to Google Classroom for easy implementation.


OpenSciEd Curriculum

Curriculum units coming to PocketLab Notebook in 2022.


6.1 Light & Matter Why do we sometimes see different things when looking at the same object?

6.2 Thermal Energy How can containers keep stuff from warming up or cooling down?

6.3 Weather, Climate & Water Cycling Why does a lot of hail, rain, or snow fall at some times and not others?

6.4 Plate Tectonics & Rock Cycling What causes Earth's surface to change?

6.5 Natural Hazards Where do natural hazards happen and how do we prepare for them?

6.6 Cells & Systems How do living things heal?


7.1 Chemical Reactions & Matter How can we make something new that was not there before?

7.2 Chemical Reactions & Energy How can we use chemical reactions to design a solution to a problem?

7.3 Metabolic Reactions How do things inside our bodies work together to make us feel the way we do?

7.4 Matter Cycling & Photosynthesis Where does food come from and where does it go next?

7.5 Ecosystem Dynamics How does changing an ecosystem affect what lives there?

7.6 Earth’s Resources & Human Impact How do changes in the Earth's system impact our communities and what can we do about it?

*Material kits for OpenSciEd curriculum are available from AquaPhoenix Education. Learn more here.

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