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Meet Voyager 2, the adventure sensor.

The world is made of motion.

  • Stream data in real-time then analyze the recorded data in PocketLab Notebook

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows 10, Linux, and Mac OS

  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection 

  • Record thousands of measurements to the onboard memory

  • Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries with 20 hours of operating time per charge

  • Acceleration

  • Angular Velocity

  • Magnetic Field

  • Position (Rangefinder)

  • Velocity (Rangefinder)

  • Quaternion Orientation

  • Temperature (Probe)

  • Temperature (Ambient)

  • Barometric Pressure

  • Altitude

  • Light Intensity

  • Humidity

  • Dew Point

  • Heat Index

  • PocketLab Voyager 2 Sensor

  • Temperature Probe

  • USB charging cable

  • Protective Storage Case


Why PocketLab Voyager 2?

Design hundreds of science experiments covering physics, engineering, Earth science, chemistry, and biology. Voyager 2 was designed to take data collection up a notch with an enhanced rangefinder, higher data rates, improved accuracy, and quaternion orientation measurements. Imagine exploring exoplanets, contributing to global heat island research, or watching egg-drop data appear on the screen as it falls. With Voyager 2, you can do it all with a single, hand-held device.

  • Save budget by replacing boxes of equipment with this powerful multi-sensor functionality. 

  • Simplify department tech. With PocketLab sensors, everything integrates with the Notebook (free or Pro), so once you learn one, you know them all. 

  • Stream data in real-time to Chromebook, iPads, and almost any computer, smartphone, or device. 

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