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To compare is to understand.

  • Stream data in real-time then analyze the recorded data in PocketLab Notebook

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Communication

  • Dual temperature probe length: 3 feet (1 meter) long wire leads

  • Measurement range: -55° - 125°C (-67° - 257°F)

  • Wireless range: 30 feet (10 meters)

  • Sample rate: 4 measurement/sec to 1 measurement/minute

  • Coin cell battery operated (CR2032)

  • Battery life: 200+ hours continuous data transmission

  • PocketLab Thermo Dual Temperature Sensor

  • Protective Acrylic Circuit Board Cover

  • Coin cell battery (CR2032)

  • Getting Started Activity Cards

  • 20+ Lessons and Activities in Notebook & Notebook Pro

  • Compare two different thermos designs and measure how they perform over time

  • Investigate the Albedo effect and measure how the sun heats up light and dark colored objects differently

  • Investigate how the mixing and heat transfer of cold water and hot water as the system reaches an equilibrium 

  • Design a scale-model house and compare the temperature inside the house to outside the house with a heat lamp shining on the setup 

Why PocketLab Thermo?

Let this simplified two-temperature probe solution turn your next science lesson into an exploration. Thermo is a dual temperature sensor that includes two thermistor probes with simultaneous measurement capabilities. Now, all kinds of measurement comparison experiments are possible.

Thermo distills the science of exploration to its most basic and powerful: Comparison.  Give students the power to explore, learn, and understand and let Thermo be the perfect starting point for any student to fall in love with the scientific method.

Imagine students seeing the science lab with new eyes, knowing they can probe any combination of items and see what lies beneath the surface, or turn them loose on the hallways to explore the the Albedo effect or heat transfer in real life.

Grab one for fun, or build a classroom bundle of Weather, accessories and Notebook Pro subscriptions with our pre-built lesson library.

  • Compare any two temperatures, anytime, anywhere

  • Introduce experimental basics in a fun, hands-on way that promotes curiosity

  • Makes comparing an experimental setup to a control setup simple

  • Get more done with our no-prep lab solution that combines Air with a digital lab Notebook (free or Pro), and the built-in library of lessons.

  • Adapt to any classroom -- in-person, hybrid, or remote -- because everything we make is designed wireless and remote-ready from day one.

  • Save budget by replacing boxes of equipment with this powerful multi-sensor functionality.

  • Save time on planning and grading. Digging through stacks of paper notebooks is hard, so we built Notebook software, a digital lab notebook where everything lives in the cloud.

  • Simplify department tech. With PocketLab sensors, everything integrates with the Notebook (free or Pro), so once you learn one, you know them all.

  • Transform classroom management with Notebook, free or Pro. Having lessons built into Notebook streamlines planning, and having students use digital lab reports that live in the cloud means easy monitoring of student progress from your single screen, where teachers can even provide real-time lab guidance and feedback as students work.

  • Stream data in real-time to Chromebook, iPads, and almost any computer, smartphone, or device. 

It’s time to give students the power to explore, learn, and understand. Let Thermo be the perfect starting point for any student to fall in love with the scientific method.


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PocketLab is a science learning system.

Notebook (Pro) + Curriculum + Sensors + ScIC Community

PocketLab sensors do not stand alone. Every sensor is part of the PocketLab learning system, which brings together curriculum, software, sensors, and the ScIC unconference. Plus, the whole system is customizable to fit any classroom empowering you to teach science your way.

All PocketLab sensors are designed to seamlessly pair with our free Notebook or Notebook Pro software for real-time data visualizations, analysis, and lab reports. Create live, vivid data visualizations. Record and analyze data in real time. Create and share lab reports.

Choose from our curricula options and teacher-made lesson library full of no-prep labs and projects designed specifically for our sensors and built directly into Notebook and Notebook Pro. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all part of the PocketLab learning system.

Have drawers full of sensors from different companies? No problem. Both Notebook and Notebook Pro can visualize data from practically any sensor. Just export and upload a CSV file of your data and Notebook will automatically create interactive graphs of your measurements.

Lesson Library In PocketLab Notebook

Notebook is a full-featured, all-in-one digital lab book. The Lesson Library in PocketLab Notebook offers pre-built lessons for popular labs that every science room uses.

Check out these lessons you can use with PocketLab Thermo.


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