Deep in the Heart

with Anne Marie Fayen


Chat Transcript

Anne Marie Fayen has developed K-12, NGSS- and TEKS-aligned curriculum for the film, Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story. We talk to Anne Marie about the film, her experience with writing curriculum for a documentary, and her best practices for using the documentaries with your students.


Anne Marie Fayen Instructional Designer | Deep in the Heart Learning Resources

As the instructional designer for Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story, Anne Marie Fayen created 16 K–12 lessons that guide students to take a closer look at themes highlighted in the film. She works as an independent consultant to develop curricula, design professional development experiences, and manage programs for learning organizations that serve students and adults. Previous experiences include teaching second and third grades in Fort Worth and working as an educator, program coordinator, and manager at the Perot Museum in Dallas, the Dallas Arboretum, and The Field Museum in Chicago.

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