Phenomena-Driven 3D Learning

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Chat Transcript

Phenomena supports three-dimensional learning and makes science cool for teachers and students. Cory Ort from Carolina Biological discusses the importance of engaging students with relevant phenomena and how to do it using their incredible free resources.

Cory Ort | National Science Consultant - Carolina Biological Supply

Cory Ort is the National Science Consultant for Carolina Biological's Curriculum Division. Cory is a veteran science educator with over 20 years teaching, a professional developer, a former curriculum writer, and a presenter at national and state conferences including NSTA, ASCD, and AAPT.

Notes and Resources:

Carolina understands tight budgets. That’s why we developed Carolina Essentials™. This series of free activities follow NGSS-prescribed teaching and learning methods that include phenomena, big questions, student investigations, modeling activities, and assessment questions.

Phenomena Gallery  that won Best of STEM 2021 – FREE NGSS resources

Webinar Series – Won Best of STEM 2022 – Webinar Series Exemplar

Check out the ScIC9 Carolina Young Innovators session to learn how to get your students involved.

Principal's Walkthrough Science Classroom Checklist 



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