Amoeba Sisters: A Biology Channel's Origin Story

with Brianna Rapini and Sarina Peterson


Chat Transcript

The Amoeba Sisters YouTube channel specializes in teaching biology concepts and, boy, is it entertaining!  Their channel has over 1 million subscribers and their videos have subtitles in over 22 languages! Sisters Brianna Rapini and Sarina Peterson, a.k.a. Petunia and Pinky, join us to share their origin story, what inspires them and answer questions from you, the audience.

Brianna Rapini & Sarina Peterson | Co-creators - The Amoeba Sisters

The Amoeba Sisters is a YouTube channel started by sisters Sarina Peterson and Brianna Rapini, and it specializes in teaching biology concepts at the high school level (and beyond) by using illustrated cartoons. Brianna Rapini is a former high school biology teacher and her sister, Sarina Peterson, is a self-taught cartoonist. The Amoeba Sisters channel has grown to over 1 million subscribers with a cumulative view count of over 160 million, and their online community has translated video subtitles in over 22 different languages.

Notes and Resources:

"Describe the Biology with GIFs" slide set -connects biology vocabulary to biology GIFs that we have illustrated. These make great daily warm-ups when covering one of these topics and a helpful review of all that biology vocabulary towards the end of the school year. 

Video + Resources Library Google Doc - Biology playlist linked with our videos (always free), applicable resources (many of our resources are free, some paid), and applicable standards


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