Well-Rounded Science Classrooms in 2022

with STEMscopes


Chat Transcript

Classrooms have certainly evolved over the past two years. Teachers are being asked to do more than ever - integrate phenomena, engage students in the SEPs, tackle social-emotional-learning strategies, fill in learning gaps that resulted from distance learning, just to name a few. Amanda McGee from STEMscopes joins us to share what they are doing to support teachers in their heroic efforts.

Amanda McGee | SVP, Curriculum - Accelerate Learning

Amanda McGee has been a part of the ALI family since 2014. Amanda believes that her mission at ALI is to support her team in building curriculum products that provide is "one-stop-shop" for hands-on, constructivist, standards-aligned Math and Science lessons to increase student performance and engagement. She is proud and humbled to work with and support the teachers who use our products.

Notes and Resources:

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