Special preview of NOVA's "Chasing Carbon Zero"

with Miles O'Brien

Chat Transcript


A special discussion about NOVA's new film, "Chasing Carbon Zero" with Producer and Science Correspondent Miles O'Brien.  Available on PBS, the film looks at how the U.S. could reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Check out the film trailer.


Miles O'Brien Producer, Director, and Science Correspondent | MOBIAS Media, Inc.

Miles O’Brien is a veteran independent journalist who focuses on science, technology and aerospace. He is the science correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, a producer, director, writer and correspondent for the PBS documentary programs NOVA and FRONTLINE, for the weather app MyRadar and an aviation analyst for CNN. He owns MOBIAS Media, Inc., a production company that creates award-winning documentary films primarily for PBS as well as several educational and corporate clients.

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Watch the film trailer

Watch the full documentary


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