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The Science
Behind PIXAR

with Tony DeRose

Chat Transcript


Science is everywhere... including your favorite animated films! We welcome Tony DeRose, Co-founder of X in a Box and former Senior Scientist at PIXAR Animation Studios, to share the incredible amount of math and science that goes into the production of PIXAR films. We will get an inside look at what it takes to create a computer graphics movie with examples from some PIXAR favorites.


Tony DeRose STEM Co-founder | X in a Box

Before co-founding X in a Box in 2020, Tony spent 23 years at Pixar. For most of that time he led the graphics research group, a group whose mission is to create new technology for use in Pixar's films.

Notes and Resources:

StoryXperiential  - Interactive platform that takes you behind the scenes with world-class storytellers to help bring student stories to life.

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