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Best Day Ever: 
The Art & Science of Creating Unforgettable Learning Experiences

with Steve Spangler

Chat Transcript


Steve Spangler is well known for his Mentos and Diet Coke experiment that became YouTube’s first viral science video in 2005. During his keynote presentation, Steve shares strategies and best practices that teachers can use in the classroom to create what he calls BEST DAY EVER experiences for their students. You'll have a front-row seat to this virtual presentation where Steve shares some simple and unforgettable experiments you can try at a friend's home!


Steve Spangler STEM Educator / TV Personality | Steve Spangler, Inc.

Steve Spangler is a two-time Emmy Award winner, science television host, entrepreneur and bestselling author. His popular science videos on social media have over 1 billion views, and his frequent guest appearances on the Ellen Show (27) earned him the title of "America’s Science Teacher."

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