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Test Drive your Science and Engineering Skills:

Creating Teachable Moments with Crash Science Activities

with Griff Jones


Chat Transcript


Join award-winning science education professor Griff Jones and members of the IIHS Vehicle Research Center as they conduct some of the discrepant event demonstrations, hands-on activities, and engineering challenges included in the IIHS’s free "Crash Science in the Classroomcurriculum materials. These inquiry-based, classroom-tested lessons are aligned with the latest national science education standards and are designed to help grade 5-12 students and teachers explore the science behind both car crashes and crash science safety research.


Griff Jones IIHS Science Education Professor

Dr. Griff Jones, a highly celebrated science education specialist and emeritus clinical associate professor from the University of Florida, is renowned for creating powerful, inquiry-based K-12 science programs that elevate learning. Integrating his expertise from multiple academic appointments in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Engineering, he has contributed extensively to the field of education through numerous nationally recognized textbooks, curriculum guides, and online materials. His groundbreaking collaboration with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety resulted in award-winning educational films and a pioneering website, "Crash Science in the Classroom." This innovative project elucidates the life-saving potential of STEM subjects through the lens of car crashes and traffic safety. Honored with prestigious accolades such as the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching, Dr. Jones' approach offers teachers a remarkable blend of dynamic curriculum resources and a captivating perspective on STEM education.

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Crash Science in the Classroom Lesson Units by IIHS



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