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Deep Dive with Dummies: 

Exploring equity in crash-testing research to teach about the Nature of Science

with Linda Cronin Jones and

Jessica Jermakian


Chat Transcript


Is crash testing biased against women and other vulnerable members of the population? Join science education professor Linda Cronin Jones and IIHS Vice President for Vehicle Research Jessica Jermakian as they discuss why ensuring equity in crash testing research is much more complex than simply putting a female dummy in the driver’s seat. Linda and Jessica will then explain how the new IIHS “Deep Dive into Dummies” educational video series can be used to teach grade 5-12 students about the nature of science.


Linda Cronin Jones IIHS Science Education Professor

Dr. Linda Jones is a professor emeritus of science education at the University of Florida. She was the director of the university’s science education program for 31 years and also served as graduate coordinator and STEM academic program area coordinator for the College of Education. She has conducted more than 350 science education in-service workshops, institutes, and short courses for Kindergarten through college-level teachers throughout the U.S, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, and South America. In addition to her many publications in refereed science education research and practitioner journals, she has authored several commercial science textbooks for large-scale national publishers and developed science education curriculum packages for numerous state, national, and international organizations. 


Jessica Jermakian IIHS Vice President, Vehicle Research

Dr. Jermakian joined the Institute in 2009 and has conducted research on topics ranging from crash avoidance and crashworthiness to child passenger safety. Prior to joining the Institute, Dr. Jermakian worked for Nissan North America and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She received her doctorate in Transportation Safety Engineering from The George Washington University.


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