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New Frontiers: Digital Robotics and Education in the Metaverse

with Dan White and Adam Seldow


Chat Transcript

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This forward-facing session will feature the expertise and insights of two renowned figures in the field: Dan White, representing the groundbreaking digital robotics experience RoboCo Sports League, and Adam Seldow, Senior Director of Education Partnerships at the global platform, Roblox. Attendees will learn about a pioneering new collaboration between the esteemed robotics education organization FIRST®, leading educational game developer Filament Games, and Roblox that will introduce millions of youth to robotics via the metaverse.

Dan White CEO, Filmant Games

Dan White believes that good gameplay and good learning are complementary rather than oppositional forces. An alumnus of Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Dan earned an M.S. in Education Technology under seminal learning game scholars Drs. Kurt Squire and James Paul Gee. Prior to founding Filament, Dan worked as a teacher, an instructional designer, and a game developer. Dan’s passions include learning games, sustainability, mindfulness, and modernizing institutional education.

Adam Seldow Education Partnerships Lead, Roblox

Adam Seldow serves as Senior Director of Education Partnerships at Roblox with the goal of increasing access to high quality immersive learning experiences. Dr. Seldow taught secondary school mathematics in Boston Public Schools and led technology in large US school districts. He earned his undergraduate degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and his master's and doctoral degrees in education policy and leadership from Harvard University.

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