Music, Math, and Science: Exploring the Connections!

with Dr. Lana Israel


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How many songs do you remember? How much math do you remember? This session will explore the connections between music, math, and science. Participants will learn how music stimulates the brain regions critical for sustained and successful learning and how music is inherently mathematical. The session will also delve into thoughts on how mathematics can be considered as the language of science. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of these subjects and how Muzology has harnessed the power of music to make learning math fun, engaging, and effective.

Dr. Lana Israel Founder/CEO

Dr. Lana Israel, Muzology’s CEO, is a globally recognized learning expert who published her first book on memory at age 13. This launched Lana’s career, while a teenager, as an international speaker and researcher. Lana is a Harvard and Oxford-educated Rhodes Scholar whose research on memory has been cited over 800 times. She has been recognized with numerous awards including the Nobel Prize Visit Award. A seasoned executive in the music industry spanning creative, management, publishing and data analytics, Lana has worked with global superstars across musical genres prior to starting Muzology.

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