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Sensing the Future: Elevating Teacher Professional Development with PocketLab Sensors

Join Shannon Baldioli, educational maestro from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and Clifton Roozeboom, the genius behind PocketLab, in this exciting conference session. Dive into innovation in the classroom as they unveil how PocketLab sensors are levelling up teacher professional development through the Air and Space Museum Teacher Innovator Institute. Discover firsthand how these cutting-edge sensors are bridging the gap between classroom theory and real-world application, empowering educators to bring alive the wonders of science and technology for their students. This dynamic duo will walk you through a hands-on demonstration of using classroom sensors to replicate collisions in space, share success stories, tell you how you can be part of this program, and reveal how educators can harness the power of PocketLab sensors to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators. Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of educational transformation!


Shannon Baldioli Educator Engagement Specialist, Smithsonian Institute, National Air and Space Museum

Shannon Baldioli coordinates the National Air and Space Museum’s teacher professional development efforts, including both local and national programs. A former classroom teacher who transitioned to museum education after teaching in several school districts in northeast Ohio, she also spent nearly four years working with the Museum’s Explainers Program.

Her experiences with audiences of diverse backgrounds and abilities include time in public elementary, middle and high schools, the National Building Museum, National Zoological Park, and National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland.


Clifton Roozeboom Co-Founder PocketLab

Dr. Clifton Roozeboom is the CTO and Co-Founder of PocketLab. He received his PhD in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. He has been the primary investigator on two National Science Foundation SBIR projects and two Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences SBIR projects. Dr. Roozeboom is a lecturer in the Stanford University mechanical engineering department. His PhD research was on wireless sensor networks for environmental monitoring applications, for which he earned grants and fellowships from Sandia National Labs, Hewlett-Packard Labs, the National Science Foundation, and the Chevron Corporation.

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