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Building an elementary science curriculum around authentic phenomena invites students to engage their curiosity about the world while learning key science concepts. In Level 2 of PhD Science®, students explore phenomena ranging from plant recovery after the eruption of Mount St Helens to the different materials that birds use to build their nests. Join Implementation Support Specialist Genie Albina as we examine a phenomenon-driven storyline and learn more about teaching with authentic phenomena in K–5 PhD Science, available as open educational resource (OER) PDFs at Levels K–2.


Genie Albina Implementation Support Specialist | Great Minds

Genie Albina works for Great Minds as an Implementation Support Specialist providing training and support for schools and districts adopting the PhD Science curriculum. Prior to joining the team at Great Minds, Genie taught elementary school in Chicago and Evanston, IL for 9 years.

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PhD Science

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PhD Science Module Map

How do phenomena support knowledge building?

Using Storylines in the Classroom

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