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Using PocketLab Sensors to Teach NGSS in Hawaii



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PocketLab and HaSTA teamed up to bring you a free hour of professional development covering the basics and advanced implementation of PocketLab multi-function sensors covering NGSS standards.

Join us to learn how to better utilize the PocketLabs that you already have or if you have never seen or used PocketLabs, you will get to see how much easier your hands-on activities can be!

Notes and Resources:

Link to the polarized light lesson: https://app.thepocketlab.com/lab-report/Vxx2KRpA0001XP1R?ro=1 

Link to roller coaster energy lesson: https://app.thepocketlab.com/lab-report/9eC-fueu0001lihL?ro=1 

Find lots more free lesson content including a ton that do not require any sensors: https://app.thepocketlab.com/resources 

Sign up for your free Notebook account: https://app.thepocketlab.com 

Request a pilot sensor: https://share.hsforms.com/13nwFkyQETYagkzJQASnwwA4q29p 

Get a quote or submit a purchase order: https://www.thepocketlab.com/request-quote 

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