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A Series of Lessons with Real-World Impact, Made Possible by PocketLab Notebook

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Blue Sky Hero is citizen science in action. 


These educational activities empower super-cool citizen scientist students to identify environmental issues impacting their communities. Primarily for K-12 students, they investigate air quality, climate, and weather.

  • Learn about important environmental issues and their social impact.

  • Identify local climate change challenges and contribute real-world data.

  • Research global solutions and collaborate with other communities.

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Real-World STEM



Blue Sky Hero is made possible through PocketLab Notebook, a powerful digital lab book that makes science come alive. All lessons are inspired by real-world projects or issues affecting our local and global environments.

Collect and Share Data

PocketLab Notebook is a social learning platform for schools to create a network of students and teachers to collaborate on common problems. It enables global and local sharing of collected data, as well as improvements to collecting, visualizing, and analyzing data in the field.

Solve Important Global Issues

A free lesson library is available to enable authentic citizen science investigations. These lessons consist of class work and a shared map section, where the class can contribute their data and findings to a global community of citizen scientists.

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Watch our recent Blue Sky Hero Webinar featuring Georgia Tech and Spelman College. Learn about how they are tackling Urban Heat Islands and how you can get involved. 


Start Contributing

It’s not rocket science. Pick one of the lessons below and sign up for your free Notebook accounts to become a Blue Sky Hero.

Investigate Heat Islands

Track areas of highly concentrated structures that trap the sun’s heat, known as “heat islands” to combat global warming.

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Air Quality During Wildfires

Measure the effect wildfires are having on air quality in your part of the country and add your results to the Global Project Map.

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Got an idea for a Blue Sky Hero lesson?


Districts who buy a custom Blue Sky Hero bundle get three custom lessons built just for their communities.

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